Welcome ladies and Djentalmen to Metal Mashup, a community site that celebrates all things heavy and metal. Here you will find a plethora of metal news, reviews and lyrics.

In an effort to move away from the more mainstream aspects of the metal scene, here at Metal Mashup you will also find a much needed focus on the more underground aspects of our community. Don’t get us wrong though, whilst we all love a bit of Metallica and still lose our shit every time Hetfield sneezes or Lars manages to keep time, we just feel that there is more to our clan that needs to be celebrated.

For us at Metal Mashup we recognize that in a world full of rampant disinformation, where opinion is often clocked in the guise of fact, it may seem like honest, trustworthy news and reviews are hard to find. Especially when cheap information is so prevalent. Fear not though weary traveller. For we at Metal Mashup are just hearty dudes that want to tell you that the only opinion that matters is ours!