Decrepit Birth


Polarity - 2010

(A Departure Of The Sun) Ignite The Tesla Coil Metatron Resonance Polarity Solar Impulse Mirroring Dimensions A Brief Odyssey In Time The Quickening Of Time Sea Of Memories Symbiosis Darkness Embrace See Through Dreams

Axis Mundi - 2017

Vortex Of Infinity – Axis Mundi Spirit Guide The Sacred Geometry Hieroglyphic Transcendental Paradox Mirror Of Humanity Epigenetic Triplicity Embryogenesis


Polarity - 2010

-(A Departure Of The Sun) Ignite The Tesla Coil-

Voices coalesce into form
Hearing the whispers of...eternities
Silent voices inside of me

Visions of my past lives

Recall the images
Thoughts awaken in me
Questioning my sense of reason
Hearing my lost memories
Guided by my sense of purpose

Forward into destiny
I consume the portal
I transcend the veil...light
I transfigure
I see my body transforming before me
Emerging into the four faces of god
Into the rift
To touch the outer worlds
Drifting the planes outside dimension

Within the living dream of divine sight
Behold the temple...resurrected
The constellation has risen
Awaking the keepers of the magnetic arch of time
Transform into existence and light

The calculation of cosmic alignments
Rebirth of the sol in galactic horizons
Reformation...the five planes of the earth
Altering the eternal harmonics of the creation
Written constellations
Rebirth of our consciousness
Memories of self diminish
Essence of creation
Birthed again

Symbol of infinity
Through the time continuum
Birthed again of the ancient ones
Transforms into light existence
Erosion of energies
Through our all
Birthed again
Finite...countless minds

Paralleled within the spectrum of my imagination
One image of ageless form
The seed of light and the seed of time
Returns to one
Life is reborn again


Born into this world
Under an early sun
A mortal man of the ancient
Walking in the dream of the vine
The lucid path of vision
I see a garden of shadows with no way out

Within the worlds of my dream
I seek the essence of my being
I transcend the realms...unknown before
Dimensions open before me
Absorbed/dissolved into the light of
Universal understanding
Cursed to live forever...burning from inside
My flesh is turned to eyes to blinding light
Awakened in my dream to the sound of my own scream

Who am I...what am I
Reaching out with my mind
Seeing the mysteries
Touch the origin
My mind transcends mortality
Displaced behind the prism of light
Falling into the eye of the paradox

I become the center of time
I am the balance...I am the eye
I am reborn...beyond the body
Beyond the pattern...beyond horizons
Beyond the light...divinity
Knowing the secret of creation

The universe within the flower of life
Five patterns of existence
Vibration of eternity

Past futures...emerge from the present
Lost forever inside my mind
I am eternal
Foundation of time and space
One becomes one inside the circle
Bearing the ancient scrolls of existence
I am destiny


Living pulse...the birth of light
Forward evolution into destinies
Echo of
Pineal alchemies awaken the dream of imagination
The dream of dreams...of everything
The synapse

Within the mind
Of creation
Countless stars are born
Mirrored by worlds within
The living suns of eternities...light

Force of gravity
The eternal core
Universal center
The micro-physics of subatomic relativity
One/soul eternal branching outward replicating itself through repetition
Unknown ancient forces
Energies released...

Emerging of polarity's frequencies of thought
The patterns deform
Balanced in the paradox of...contradictions
Symbiosis of opposing elements
Coexisting creations of synergy

Reproduction living matter
The displacement of existence
Casting thought across the figments of time
Voices cry throughout the multi-verse
Living vibrations resound
The wake of the eternal constant


Parallels exist within
Reflection of time and space
Inside of dimension
Dualities evolving from a
Single-cell universe within the molecule
Within this dimension
Of my creation

In the blinding light of darkness
I remain one/we become one
Constant fluctuation
Two suns born
Born of the atom
Symbiotic opposition
Recreation of life changing

Absorb the other...fusion
Conception of time's vibration collapses within
Ancient forces of opposition
Eternal balances of existence

Internal axis of resistance
Pre-embryonic magnetic core
Creation of all worlds inside
Existence of thought
Reaches beyond...forever
Harmony achieved through unity
Within the spectral fields of light...called time

-Solar Impulse-

Bring me forward through time
Take me beyond eternal light
Into another dimension
Gravitational Singularity...

I see my soul drifting onward
Looking back through this rift in time
Different, yet the same
Close my eyes, and take my last breath

-Mirroring Dimensions-

Shadowed recess between the realms
Living planes of existence
Writing the song of creation
Synchronized alignment of time
I feel my mind expanding
Into the universe...I once created

Opening the psyche
Beyond the pattern of thought
Into the pre-embryonic dream
Eras of conception...images of creation
...mirrored forever
Dreaming of existence context
Rendered figments of thought
Memories of what was to be

Psychedelic awareness of the soul's eye
The portal consumes my mind
Altering perspective
Dreams of life...death and rebirth

Thought descends into self
Destinies ellipse as light returns
Retrograde of life begins again
Awakening the pineal gland
Spirit molecule of the minds
Visions of many worlds

Hearts beat in unison
Spans of time...eternities
Histories end
Eternal cusp of tomorrow
The monochrome planes of a broken existence
Under a shattered sky
Reborn into the light of a new world

-A Brief Odyssey In Time-

Eternity of futures begin again
In the cusp of the sixth sun
All lines of force re-converge
Symbiotic energies reemerge in the
Quickening of time

Finite spheres of consciousness
Infinity of memories
Re-awaken origins
Evolution...the spawn of time

Six suns...evolution of creation
The cycles of time dissolve
Life eternal...and time begins again

-The Quickening Of Time-

Infinite voids of space within the pockets of time
Countless spheres of resistance...coincide
Recreated within the five planes
Reflect the image of each other
And the endless planes beyond
Forward into existence
Worlds embrace the magic of life

Infinity of livid worlds
That out-numbers one another
Cycles woven within cycles
Countless eras squared forever
Mirrors of dimension reflect
Coming future generations

Living wheel of evolution
Perseverance of creation
Circle unending...through reproduction
Diversity stimulates desire
Continued concept of evolution...

-Sea Of Memories-



Eternally connected to the energies of existence
Subconscious link of consciousness
The golden light that makes us all one soul
One thought
One beginning
One center of focus
Pasts, present, futures
Existing in the moment

Sequences of existence inner-twine
Feel my light touch thee
The dreams of life awaken inside
Transcend the lies
Live for your dream
Open your mind and see
One soul, one thought, one mind
Evolution of understanding
Attain the wisdoms

Knowledge eternal

I reach out and touch your mind I reveal the secrets before your eyes
Look into my eyes and you see yourself
I look into you and I see god
We hold the keys to the wisdoms

To the secrets and mysteries within
Witness the light of the new worlds
Evolution of consciousness
Converging the ancient forces
Behold the thought universal
Eternal unity of energies...

-Darkness Embrace-


-See Through Dreams-

[Bonus track]
[Death cover]

Born into darkness
Where sounds portray the images that are out
Out of reach from my sight
Which has been denied
Hands change into my eyes
Body senses intensified
Sight so close yet far away

In dreams my thoughts take their form
To give memories identity
Through dreams I obtain
The ability to connect sight with sound
Close your eyes and imagine to be without
What we take for granted every time we open our eyes
A permanent shadow to never step away
Feel the dark in the cold

Feel the warmth of the light
Which has been denied
Hands change into my eyes
Body senses intensified
Sight so close yet far away
In dreams my thoughts take their form
To give memories identity
Through dreams I obtain
The ability to connect sight with sound

Axis Mundi - 2017

-Vortex Of Infinity – Axis Mundi-

I close my eyes and take my last breath...drifting
Drifting forward, inward i descend
Break the cycle of suffering...samsara
The ancient portal of eternity

The intense weight of it's energy crushes me
Inward i descend the silver cord
Elliptic spiral strands of evolution
Concentric circles of light surround me

I...Chi...Channeled energies
Metaphysic axiom neuroplexi
Cyclindrical valley of light vibrates
Within the halls of Sushumna
Psychedelic self reflection

Introverted mysticism...I seek myself within
The macrocosm of my soul...dimethyltryptamine

Psychotropic journey of the mind
Into the spectrum of my psyche
Within darkness i find

Purging my soul of self
I lose my false identity / I see the truth within my being
Meditation / Spoken mantra
Pulls me inward
Om mani padme hum

Vortex of infinity
Mortal death / Physical / Mind and space
Event horizon
Eternal path unspoken - Draws me into creation
Unnamed origin of all things
Lucidity of imagination

Psychotropic journey of the mind
Into the spectrum of my psyche
Subconscious spectrum of dimension

Time...Times...Half of time

Falling from the physical
Bilinear circle tree of life
Trapped within re-evolution
Into the conscious i descend
Searching for the mystic light of the singularity
Within my imagination
Origin of the illusion
Lost in the finite maze of darkness

-Spirit Guide-

Lost in the sky of the thirteen moons
Behind the light of a thousand suns
I am lost but my heart guides me
On my journey through the mind-scape ethereal

Labyrinth of Penumbra...
Dream time world of shadowed light

Psychotropic plane of consciousness
Within my present eclipse of
I cast my gaze to the dark horizon

I hear the whispers from beyond
I see the voice that speaks with light
My heart guides me through the shadow
Following the winds of the serpents voice

Mystified... I stand in awe

Voices speak from the four directions
The four voices
Of the spirits breath / Guide me step by step

Behold the mystic vision of grand design
Great mother of creations light shines

Ancient daughter of the seven suns
Speaks to me in the ancient tongue
Ancient words to the spirits song
Of the ancient journey from Atzlan

Raven cries from the black night sky
The ancient elders give me sight
That i may see both far and wide
As i walk through time devoid of light

Step by step i am to relive all of my past lives
One by one i walk again
Through the nine worlds of the seven suns
Drifting in the currents of the twin rivers of life

My heart guides me...guides me inward
Into the light of the seven suns

Where the ten thousand things are but one
Into the sacred mountain
The sacred temple of the great mother
The crystal cavern heart of the earth

Alive in spirit beyond the flesh
I walk alone in my afterlife
I descend behind the world of light
The final cusp of my seventh sun

I align my heart within the living circle
Of life...and all things
Blessed by the sacred medicine
I take my soul forward

I follow my heart - Into my descent
Into the portal...of mind...Sipapu

-The Sacred Geometry-

The journey of my heart heart guides me
From the dream-time eclipse of light

Finding my way
I follow the path of light
Into this world unknown
Within my mind

Into the universal pattern
Beyond the expanse of imagination
The pattern takes my soul
To an unknown destination

Bodiless i drift through times
Ancient sea of memories
My consciousness transcends the arch of time
Within the tides of eternities

Spiritual transformation of my souls living energy
Perseverance through
I achieve the ancient wisdom...understanding

As nothing i am dispersed throughout creation
Beyond the mirrored spectrum of my humanity

Sifting through the light of
The living energy...I am nothing
Self awareness of
My being... I am creation
Mysteries unfolds
Before me...hidden in dimensions

Eternally bound
Through alchemies
Destined to infinity

Omnipotent...essence of myself in everything
I am one...within the symmetry
Of the fractal distortion

My being now transcends into the frequencies
Beyond the parallels of the dark horizons of the mind
Into the sacred pattern...the fabric of creation
Into the omnipresent minds of god
I see through Maya's veil of illusion
The light of deception
The human distortion
I enter into the
Mystic tapestry
The sacred geometry
The secret

Of the hidden


Visions, hidden in the truth reveal
The psychedelic wonders of the living creation
Etched into the existence, omnipotent imprints of life

Celestial vortex internal
Inward spiral
Portal to the Origins
Deoxyribonucleic acid
Sequencing evolutions
Paralleled dualities

Engraved into the fabric
Of creation/dimension
I can not believe
What I now see before me
I see the image of man
Within the Tetrahedron

Written in the constellations
Metamorphosis prismatic crystal form
Metaphysical images of a man
Eternal scribe voiceless mute speaking in signs

Symbolic imprints hi-speech divine
The spirit guides me on my journey into Bindu
Meditation, I am free from the Angel of the Light
I am falling inward, into the portal of the mind
Walking the sacred path Sri Yantra

-Transcendental Paradox-

My mind opens within the light of life
The sacred path
Shines alive before me
Sri Yantra...I see

Into the secret that has always eluded me
One light into which i'm drawn

Where the ten thousand things are all as one
The light of truth and divinity
Sri Yantra...I see

Standing before me, the number of man
Seven portals into dimensions
Internal paradox, double helix
Seven directions duplicated

Seven gates into the heavenly realm
Seven hells of the heavens mortal sins
Parallel realities / dualities...Two truths together
Internal paradox, double helix

Mirroring existence within
My inward journey of duality
Where dimensions intertwine
The crystal heart matrix within the spectrum

Standing before me, the number of man
Seven portals into dimensions
Internal paradox, double helix
Seven directions duplicated

Origin of the light divine
Looking inward into my soul

The seven hearts of man awaken
My soul looks out beyond creation
Sri Yantra...I see myself in everything
Emerging from the ageless form
All life is sacred

Dilating within the silver halo
Bindu opens itself to me
Origin of the light divine
Looking inward into my soul

-Mirror Of Humanity-

Within the light of life
Exists the sacred paths
Into creation
Existing behind a blinding light of darkness
Of human want illusion
The white magnetic mirror of humanity
A living pool of self reflection

Reflecting mans self-consciousness
Relive the dream of my ancient lives
Two mirrors...
We come together...
Face each other
Selfless i face my self
Ka...Who am i

Intertwining of infinity within my self
The ageless form is again revealed
Mirroring humanity i stare into my self
Ka...Who am i

I am alone, self judgment
Illuminated in the light of truth
Living light of recollection
Absorbs my mind in it's vibration

Within the light of life, i become revealed
Self reflection rebirths wisdom
Eternal knowledge of life returns

Self revelation...I reawaken...Ka...I am
The consequence of my pre-destination
Predetermined through my past lives
The destiny of my actions

Intertwining of infinity within my self
The ageless form is again revealed
Mirroring humanity i stare into my self

I enter the pool of self reflection
Shattering the magnetic mirror of deception

Self revelation...I reawaken
Awakening within my consciousness
I reawaken...Myself...Atman...Ka

Displacing the frequencies
Through out the spectrum

Within seven mirrors of self reflection
Seven eyes of imagination
Seven realms within the image...
Into which i descend

Within the light of life
I walk the sacred paths
Of the creation
Existing behind a blinding light of darkness

Of the human condition
The white magnetic mirror of humanity
The hidden light of self deception

Reflection of my self conscious
Enter the dream of my future lives
Beyond the light of deception

Intertwining of infinity within the self
The ageless form...Ka...Evolution
Transcending humanity...Ascend into self

-Epigenetic Triplicity-

Metallic speculum the seventh specere
Mirror of preconception
Heightened expanse of observation
I emerge from within the violet crown

Through time it begins again
An existence of one
Begin the cycle of what is to be
I process the illusion of the dream

Djedi awakens
All points of consciousness
Triad octave division

Isolated from external light
The third eye opens
Awaken the mind
Imprint the program of self
In the instantaneous experience of being

Opening the source code of embryogenesis
And self unity conceived

Isolated from external light
The third eye opens
Awaken the mind
I feel myself being reconceived
Beyond the dimensions of humanity

Infinite points of light come together
Cross within my being
Focused within the spectrum
I see my sol beyond the prism

Divine light of recreation
To be born into time again
Three rivers of life come together

Epigenetic Triplicity
Isogenic evolution
Squared eternally within itself
Epigenetic Triplicity (Isogenic evolution)

Epigenetic Triplicity
Illuminated soul of the buddha
Heart and life and mind of the trinity
Manifesting in unity

Epigenetic Triplicity
Three portals of the souls frequencies
Tripled helix, genomatic axiom
Epigenetic Triplicity (Isogenic evolution)

Sequential amino chain
Evolution, evolved

Evolution of the imagination
Contained within the heart of the soul
The purest expression exists within
The nucleus of the universe

Molecule of the spirit evolved
Progress through the cycles of the living light
Climax of time perpetual

Polarized balance of the multiplicity
Structured pattern, self similarities
Reawakening of the energies
Through the Axis mundi



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