Lucid Dawn - 2015

Risen From the Void Digital Shroud That Which Lies Hidden Awaken the I Fleshwalkers Fusion of Epochs Lucid Dawn Conjuring Temple Aflame

Nemethia - 2017

Occultivation Of Violence and Pestilence Born Order of the Hierogon Dweller on the Threshold Futile State The Eupnean Relic Lifting Amnesia Telegnosis Nexion Stargate


Lucid Dawn - 2015



-From the Void-


-Digital Shroud-

Held captive in plain sight
The reflection of blinded silence
Held captive in mounting dread
A depiction of touting violence

No escape from inside their heads
The dilemma now becoming blinded locked in
to a brand new shining prison
Khaal-­Li­-Phar claiming himself supreme
behind the curtain the maestro of this machine

The false reality generated by hate
Perceptual slavery, we take the bait
Staring into the maze, the hall of mirrors
Cold deception a tourniquet of rage and fear

Asleep catatonic they stagger to their demise
Installed into their minds, these chains disguised as time
Pulling them further, binding them to a pyre of lies
A cybernetic playground, tear out your eyes
Replace them with the buzzing of flies

To mask the wounds, to feel alive
Bleak handed absence sold as the next new distraction
The claws that held the seams of astral realms
Forgotten, stolen was the numinous
Forbidden were their dreams

The fleshwalkers stand as prison guards
Khaal-Li-Phar as the warden
Once the cage was sealed
The nano­verse locked in
The era of diversion had begun

Malevolent masters staked their claim
The tyrant stood upon all he created
Determined to punish all, all that he hated

Enslave the masses with deceptive powers
Holding terror in vein
Frenzied, wide eyed and feral
It felt too late, but the time was of the essence
Final hour

-That Which Lies Hidden-

Hidden from the talons of madness
the knowledge of which none speak
laying buried beneath her caves
below exalted misted peaks

the mineral hold
of stalagmite and vine
long since kept in crisp darkness
a stasis of warm dream woven delight
the light of an eternal flame

resting silently above her
wheels within wheels
The real flower of life
Was revealed
bedded in wild amethyst

she sought refuge abroad
a phantom perched in stillness
held by the web of Aetherion
as the waves of cosmos she rode
the flame danced ethereal

at one yet infinite
pitched to the pulse
upon the walls
a static flow
Her return of ages
beyond time
outside the chains

that sought to banish her face
before these suns can rise
before the rising tides
he must awaken inside
that which is timeless
beyond conception
change will sweep barren into
an open invitation
for a lush new energy

a brisk vibration
shall be the prism
the first spark of the new golden dawn
piercing through the hollow of this deadlong night
the anima will rise

-Awaken the I-

Emerging from the parallels
Of untethered dichotomy

Seeing what has been wrought
In the land of the forsaken
A lechorous Existence

Bathed in living blasphemy
Sitting wide eyed in the dark
Perpetual denial

Now purpose
Reached it's firm grip
Towards Cyrix

The shadow had awakened
Within a profound knowing
All was not lost, but no one seemed to notice
We were hooked

Through dredges and sold to the slaughter
There was no more denial to drag around
Like a comforting corpse

The calamity of existence
Pulled at his mind like feral claws

The time is now
The end is nigh
To crash and burn
Or to awaken and fly

Ringing in his ears
The Voice of reason
Chanted it's trance inducing hymns
Collaboration can lead to a tidal wave
Of freedom

Tear of the shackles of the weak
Knowledge is the key, wisdom is power
Let the mind bloom
Take back what is ours

The machinery of existence
Sparked for new creation

The time is now
The end is nigh
To crash and burn
Or to awaken and fly

Courage and will
Nothing can take
No masters dark bidding
Deserves us as slaves

Once awakened
You can't go back to sleep
Apathy only aids in self deception
Freedom pursued is the only chance
A new era aligned

Take flight
Like the feathered serpent
Soaring in the sky

Rooted in the ground
The middle path is laid
The journey profound


Shamans of the dark elite
Shape shifting wretched fumes
Controlling insomniatic fleets
Demiurge rotting all

Making life a living grave
Raining on the freewill of the slaves
Chained to mortal ties, forbidden inner wealth

The holders of the veil
Blindly kneeling to the tyrant
Ever present, always silent
Swift as knives, dark as ash

Gatekeepers in heavy scourge
An army omnipresent, catatonic masses
A culling on the masters strings
Do speak of them and their disguise

His legion keeps the prison intact
Spiraling degradation
Morphing malevolent creature force
A trampling stampede
Upon their minds a bleak prison of descent

A psychic will,
The force that binds
A shadow moon blood sacrifice
His army of dark magis,

Spells cast in hatreds tongue
If you don't know who you are
You won't know
What you've become

Held in place by black magic
Blind the shatters reach
Fractured and kept in blackness
Words disaster speaks

Without knowledge
Of higher planes
Robbed of our true knowing
To be fed on by the tyrant

Wasted and broken

-Fusion of Epochs-

A gazing prism laced in dreams and piercing the light
Stead fast holding i stood closely
Watching her eyes burning as bright as the sun

Before this eternal night had just begun
Calling out for a union, inner schism of centuries ago
You are the temple of life made flesh
An hourglass ocean of currents

A careening galaxy of diamond
In the absence of time
Her choirs, her hymns, her sine waves
Rattling the spine of the godhead

Initiated from slumber
I sought of this goddess
No longer torn asunder
Unified from lost depths

A breath to the life blood
The goddess unveiled
Pulling from the source field
Tasting vast vistas of the unknown

You are the temple of life made flesh
An hourglass ocean of currents
Birthing corridors of cosmic psalms
She levitated silently

A breathing angelic rapture
To lift the veil
A fusion of epochs, a vibrational
Merging of the will of unity

The true test stands waiting
Overcome the living prison
Overthrow the subjugation
The tyrants will wither and fall

The fire consuming
Her heart, her fate, your soul

-Lucid Dawn-

Galactic consummation aligned in cosmic cycles
Entheogenesis has begun
Spirit reaching for elevation
New pathways to find freedom

Reenergizing the vital life force
On to the next spiral we are flung
Bridging the mind gap
Connected to the cosmos

All timelines converging ever onward
Gateways to starseed evolution
The story of the eons
Encoded within our being

Approaching the lucid dawn
Illuminating visions taken down the spiral beyond
Breathing this sacred pulse and bursting at the seems, pulled into the waking dream
engulfing, decaying, lucid inner revolution

The truth of which few have seen
Now emerging from the ether
Hear, the answering is realized
She stares with glinting eyes as each unique reflection taps into the immortal mind

The illusion of all opposites now coming undone
Feeling the touch of the Dream as it exists on all dimensions, finding it's truly in our nature to overcome this oppression
To break this hypnotic deception
The story of the eons encoded within our being

Approaching the lucid dawn
Illuminating visions, the keepers of our destiny
Now all the walls coming down
Tearing the pages of decay

Facing the beasts of burden
merging light into the hollowed piercing through into the shadow
The illusion of all opposites now coming undone."


Strapped to a tomb of fear and loathing
Engraved upon the eulogy of dying sons
A black demiurge cackles hysteric
The voice of fear and failure

The catalyst of lessons
Courage is the light that shines through past life repressions
Have faith weary travelers
For the time have come to prevail

One must walk through
The enigma of embers
To burn through the veil
I've been through a saga of dimensions
I've sailed through vivid dreams

Through realms holographic
I've cut quantum spirals to their seams
Call forth the siren song of indigo aura tracings
Feel the pulse of evolutionary onset
A call to arms this holotropic process

Collective clockwork
The return of the binary sun
The great epoch held in
The hands of the eons
The undertow of a new
Cycle has approached us
Fears collapse and mirrors
Elapsing on the all

We knew in chaos
We would flourish
From the mortal coil
The power within you is
Vast and expansive

The cyber cage
Begins to unravel
Scattered at the feet of
Archetypes lay binding
Shackled fragments

-Temple Aflame-


Nemethia - 2017


The fires of the great work
Igniting the altars of supressed discernment
Temples of servitude crumbled from action
Brought forth dredging in the chasms

Metacognitive alchemy
Reinvigoration fueling the resistance
From the adverse forces that toil
In what never can be ruled

A microcosm of shadowed province
Unlit domains exhumed
Where undertows of a bleak configuration
Emanates and awaits the light of the truth

Down and into the trenches at all costs
Through the labyrinthine mires
Through this raging tempest we must go
Deeper into the vacuum we are deployed

Frail of mind and shallow of breath
The alchemy of will and the profane
Made sacred, the warrior must rage

The soul imprinted parchment
The spine, the world and the quill
The process of bio-activating the flesh temple

Waking secrets from sleep
The harvest of knowledge
Bathing darkness into new luminous depth
Crawling from branches to roots
Left gazing into the majestic obsidian eyes

Electric thoughts intertwined
On the plane of the elemental mind
Every seed thrown heeds it's rise
From strife it's limbs were shaken
Breathing the semblance of the all

Radiating from the pages of this living book
Symbols charged with iconic fibers
Carried like wreaths
Held tight in a solar serpents clench

Occultivated freedom swings from legions
Coveting seed of the awakened mind
Disguised in the fabric of the pleroma
The fires of the great work
Lighting the eons to come

The journey feeds itself
The blaze is just beginning
The reign of Kaliphar has been defaced
It's shaking, as her lighting
It strikes in the eyes of the septic masters

The wrath of Nemethia
Her vengeance tearing through
The vile and initiating higher senses
Aggregating amanuensis
Scribing the ancient spiral

-Of Violence and Pestilence Born-

Behold, the land is quenched
Blood stained and violence drenched
The sovereign king of lies clenches ringed fists
The writhing oracle drips within her odious mists
Her name is Pyphina, stolen in infancy

She who knows yet to be impending timelines
They oracle spoke
"Stripped of pure essence, gutted every grave desecrated
Sold to the pillaging in pain"
Sitting in the anguish and drawn into crimson stalls
Tearing cryptic visions in the mythic rift

She sees the future bound premonitions she's speaking now
"Through the eyes of the cypher
In the silence we breed
Until the shackles lift from our feet

Through the cycles we savor in the sowing of seed"
What will become of her visions from the Celestine sky
Demented and feral the oppressors
Avaricious he licked his fangs of spite
And spit with might and twisted wit he spewed his malignant
Vindictive writ, ill will cradle and bleeding in lesions, the leprous call

Forlorn words of the tormentor rang
Despicable of the walls once filled with splendor
"Your fear tastes sweet" he spoke of
Blind weakness and eternity
Vultures summoned to the corpse of freedom
They will taste the flesh of our retribution until

Their entrails will drape the walls of their kingdom
As blood runs from their lips
They drink from the chalice of pain
As they sit on the throne of death
They deserve the suffering I will inflict
In the highest realm the land of Zatheos
Now riddled and plagued
The oracle spoke

"The pleroma awaits to be immortalized in time
On the path of trails beware of hidden threats,
Merge with the absolute just beyond the sight"
Take heed of the seeds of those whom you make belled
They will one day rise into the chasm

Where light was banished
Vanishing insanity threshold beckoning
Zatheos was once the crown of the planets helm
But the traitors had long since conquered
And eclipsed her realm
Blindness had over taken, and the rest of the higher worlds

Were too forsaken
With violence I will maim them until they believe
With violence I will save them
Harvesting the appetite that's clawing from inside
Vital integration

-Order of the Hierogon-

Self-immolation set his sail toward the Hierogon
Those who are summoned and absorbed into the inner circle
They are the order of which few remain
Inner cycles that inhale existence and rain order onto chaos
Fractured shadows whisper songs unto the sirens palms
Aaru the eldest held close the vital relic
Peering through the cypher in the mist

He was the wisest with whom the keeper of spells sits
Awaiting the dweller on the threshold
The astral lifeline synthesized, in a construct built in the sky
The land of the unfolding infinite
Her story was theirs to keep in the temple of old ruin

Through the dreadful she will lead you to the kingdom of
Creation Rare crystalline forms taking shape
As her siren song serenades
Bowing to the Order of the Hierogon

A sacred circle that binds the truth eternal
Etched into the sentient apparatus
He who holds the mechanism finds the orient
Realizing starseed incarnation
Cyrix discovers the clockwork of subtle cues
As the many fold emanations imbued
Sprung from the tree of life
Mythic ancient goddess given breath

Entering into and filling the Middle artery and
through the trench of death that lies at the heart
Through layers deep within oneself is where she resides
This is how she remained
Unforgotten though the darkness
Dwelling deep within the catacombs

This hidden council drew nearest to the flame
But in time their numbers dwindled and the truest few who knew
Her name remained
In their silence her secrets kept
Within their hearts their fires burned in conviction
The roots of ancient trees buried within their ringlets
The astral lifeline synthesized in a construct built in the sky

The land of the unfolding infinite
Her story was theirs to keep in the temple of old ruin
The relic was theirs to keep until the time of untold cruelness
Soon the secrets shall be revealed
Flesh of the ancient masters unpeeled
When the book is opened and the portals have risen
And the few chosen will enter as prophesied

And the relic wrote its lines and it
Disintegrated before their eyes
Televate the visions of indigenous resolve
Oceanic mechanism ripple in tidal forms
Her gardens revealing the city of secrets
Undercurrents long past in times swimming eyes

The bridge aquatic contains the yet refined
Elaborate faces holotropic cosmic oasis
Bowing to the Order of the Hierogon
A sacred circle that binds the truth eternal
Etched into the sentient apparatus
He who holds the mechanism finds the orient

Realizing starseed incarnation
Cyrix discovers the clockwork of subtle cues
As the many fold emanations imbues
Sprung from the tree of life
Mythic ancient goddess given breath
Entering into and filing the

Middle artery and through the trench of death that lies at the heart
Through layers deep within oneself is where she resides
This is how she remained unforgotten through the darkness

-Dweller on the Threshold-


-Futile State-


-The Eupnean Relic-


-Lifting Amnesia-




-Nexion Stargate-


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