Tomb Mold release ‘Infinite Resurrection’

Coming in just over a year since the release of their phenomenal 2018 release, death metallers Tomb Mold unveil a brand-new single.

10 May 2019

Tech death project Flub unveil ‘Rise From Your Grave’

Tech death project Flub drop the second single from their upcoming self-titled debut album entitled ‘Rise From Your Grave’.

8 May 2019

Cult of Luna drop the brand new ‘The Silent Man’

Releasing their first new material since their 2013, post-metal champions Cult of Luna have dropped a brand-new single entitled ‘The Silent Man’.

7 May 2019

Upon A Burning Body release ‘King of Diamonds’

Metalcore mainstays Upon A Burning Body have released their debut single from their upcoming album entitled ‘Southern Hostility’.

6 May 2019

Deathcore heavy weights Osiah release a video for ‘The March’

In celebration of the release of their second album, UK deathcore heavyweights Osiah release a thunderous new music video for ‘The March’.

6 May 2019

Abbath unveil new single ‘Calm in Ire of Hurricane’

Climbing down from the frozen ice capped mountain of which I imagine he resides, Abbath is back to offer up ‘Calm in Ire of Hurricane’.

4 May 2019

Mashup’s top four releases out this week

Featuring Amon Amarth, Origin, Ringworm and Kampfar check out the releases that we are most excited about this week.

4 May 2019

Tech Death titans Vale of Pnath release ‘The Darkest Gate’

Tech death extremists Vale of Pnath return with a new single entitled ‘The Darkest Gate’ taken from their upcoming EP ‘Accursed’.

3 May 2019

Death metal giants Ingested release ‘Mouth of the Abyss’

Undisputed titans of the heavy Ingested reveal the coming release of a brand new EP entitled ‘Call of the Void’ with the dropping of their first single ‘Mouth of the Abyss’.

3 May 2019

Mashup Recomendations for the month of May are now live

By way of an apology for missing April’s recommendations, this month we bring you the massive sounds of Alpha Wolf, Mental Cruelty and Irrita.

2 May 2019

Thy Art Is Murder release the title track from ‘Human Target’

Australian titans of the heavy Thy Art Is Murder have released the title track from their upcoming album entitled ‘Human Target’ set for release on the 26th of July.

30 April 2019

Non Metal Monday: Sum 41 return with a new single

Announced last Thursday with the dropping of a surprise single, punk rock heroes Sum 41 return with their first single in 3 years entitled ‘Out For Blood’.

29 April 2019

Watch Rivers of Nihil perform their latest album in full

Captured at the final stop of their current tour, Kerrang Magazine have filmed and released Rivers of Nihil performing the entirety of ‘Where Owls Know My Name’.

29 April 2019

Mashup’s top three releases out on the 26/04/2019

Featuring Sunn O))), Varaha and Decrepit Birth, check out the releases that we are most excited about this week.

27 April 2019

Allegaeon release a visualisation for ‘Colors of the Currents’

Taken from their recently released ‘Apoptosis’ Allegaeon have released a visualisation for ‘Colors of the Currents’ which features classical guitarist Christina Sansengen.

26 April 2019

Blackened progressive metallers Warforged release ‘Nightfall Came’

Blackened progressive metal newcomers Warforged continue to empower their technical compositions with blackened dissonance in their third single ‘Nightfall Came’.

25 April 2019

Progressive powerhouse Fractal Universe unveil new video

French progressive metallers Fractal Universe release a visualisation for ‘Flashes of Potentialities’.

24 April 2019

Deathcore metallers Drown In Sulphur drop a devastating new track

Italian deathcore metallers Drown In Sulphur return with a brand new track entitled ‘Moths’.

21 April 2019

Tech death supergroup Flub announce new album

Technical death metal project Flub return with a new single ‘Wild Smoke’ to signal the arrival of their debut album.

20 April 2019

Mashup’s top four releases out today 19/04/2019

Featuring After the Burial, Alpha Wolf, Factual Universe and Grand Magus, check out the releases that we are most excited about this week.

19 April 2019

Amon Amarth plough forth with ‘Crack the Sky’

Leaving little time for fans to recover following the release of ‘Raven’s Flight’, Swedish death metallers Amon Amarth release ‘Crack the Sky’.

18 April 2019

Born Of Osiris guitarist Lee McKinney releases solo material

Already known for his work with Born Of Osiris, Lee Mckinney is venturing out on his own with a new solo album entitled ‘Infinite Mind’.

13 March 2019

Mashup Recomendations for the month of March are now live

Featuring Relics of Humanity, Inferi and Obliteration, this month’s recommendations rarely pause to alllow for listener recuperation.

13 March 2019

Annotations Of An Autopsy return with ‘World Of Sludge’

Following years of disbandment, Norwich based death metallers Annotations Of An Autopsy are back with their first single in 8 years.

12 March 2019

Non Metal Monday: Eat Your Heart Out’s ‘Carousel’

Australian pop punkers Eat Your Heart Out are back with a brand new single ready to set the soundtrack to your spring.

11 March 2019

Inferi are back with a re-record of ‘Forged in the Phlegethon’

Melodic tech death behemoths Inferi release the first single from their soon to be release record of 2009’s ‘The End of An Era’.

10 March 2019

Deadthrone drop new single ‘Feel’

British metalcore newcomers Deadthrone announced their signing with Arising Empire with a brand-new single ‘Feel’.

09 March 2019

Newcomers The Machinist unveil ‘No Peace’

Bursting onto the scene, the newest recruits from Prosthetic Records The Machinist are not fucking around with their new single ‘No Peace’.

06 March 2019

Non-Metal Monday: Michael Bohn releases new music

Barely a year since Michael Bohn decided to end his venture with ISSUES, Bohn is back with his new crew Wildheart.

04 March 2019

Applaud The Impaler return with new single ‘Trenchrot

Virginia death-grind unit Applaud The Impaler return with ‘Trenchrot’ ahead of the release of their new album ‘Ov Apocalypse Incarnate’.

03 March 2019

Children of Bodom release ‘Platitudes and Barren Words’

Ahead of their new album entitled ‘Hexes’, Finish metallers Children of Bodom have released their third single complete with music video.

03 March 2019

Mashup Spotlight: Obliteration – Cenotaph Obscure

For this edition of Mashup Spotlight we will be throwing our gaze (and ears) upon Obliteration’s ‘Cenotaph Obscure’.

02 March 2019

After The Burial return with ‘Behold The Crown’

Bringing the breakdowns with more sequels than a slaughter house, progressive metallers After The Burial return with a new single.

28 February 2019

Enterprise Earth release ‘Sleep Is For The Dead’

Techy death metallers Enterprise Earth release a new single ahead of the third full length studio album entitled ‘Luciferous’.

27 February 2019

Warforged release ‘We’ve Been Here Before’

Progressive tech wizards Warforged unveil a new single ahead of their upcoming full length entitled ‘I: Voice’.

27 February 2019

Wormwitch unveil ‘Disciple of the Serpent Star’

Blackened crust metallers Wormwitch release a new single ahead of their second studio album entitled ‘Heaven That Dwells Within’.

26 February 2019

Non-Metal Monday: Simple Creatures announce debut EP

Pop-punk super group Simple Creatures have announced details of their new EP entitled ‘Strange Love’ alongside the title track.

25 February 2019

Grand Magus unveil the first single from ‘Wolf God’

The wait of is over. Following the grand unveiling of their album art, Grand Magus are ready to give us a taste of the new album in the form of ‘Wolf God’.

24 February 2019

Equipoise release third single entitled ‘Dualis Flamel’

Tech-death supergroup Equipoise release their third single from the upcoming release entitled ‘Demiurgus’.

23 February 2019

Fractal Universe unleash ‘Oneiric Realisations’

Progressive death metallers Fractal Universe release the first single from their new album entitled ‘Rhizomes of Insanity’.

23 February 2019

Vale Of Pnath release surprise single entitled ‘Accursed’

Surprising the community with a brutal pre-album tease, Vale of Pnath unveil the title track of their new EP entitled ‘Accursed’.

22 February 2019

While She Sleeps unveil a pre-album documentary

With less than two weeks to go before the release of ‘So What?’, Sheffield metalcore quintet While She Sleeps unveil a brand-new documentary.

22 February 2019

Whitechapel unveil ‘When A Demon Defiles A Witch’

Tennessee deathcore titans Whitechapel release their fourth single from their upcoming album entitled ‘The Valley’.

21 February 2019

AntropomorphiA release new single ‘Merciless Savagery’

Marking the tenth anniversary of their reunion, necrotic death metal band AntropomorphiA release their first single ‘Merciless Savagery’.

20 February 2019

Okilly Dokilly return with some ‘Reneducation’

Viral sensations and worlds only ‘Nedal’ band return to provide some ‘Reneducation’ ahead of their second full length studio album entitled ‘Howdilly Twodilly’.

19 February 2019

Mashup Spotlight: Visigoth - 'The Revenant King'

For this edition of Mashup Spotlight, we will be casting our gaze upon the first full length from trad-metallers Visigoth. Roll Initiative!!!

19 February 2019

Non-Metal Monday: Alexisonfire release ‘Familiar Drugs’

Releasing their first single in nearly a decade, post-hardcore act Alexisonfire unveil a blistering new track entitled ‘Familiar Drugs’.

18 February 2019

Rhapsody Of Fire release lyric video for ‘Master of Peace’

Italian symphonic power metal legends Rhapsody Of Fire release their third single ahead of their twelfth full length studio album entitled ‘The Eighth Mountain’.

17 February 2019

Ketzer unveil new single ahead of the release of ‘Cloud Collider’

German extreme metallers Ketzer unveil a new single entitled ‘No Stories Left’ ahead of the release of their forth full-length studio album ‘Cloud Collider’.

15 February 2019

Hannes Grossman releases the first track from ‘Apophenia’

Due for release on the 11th of March ‘Apophenia’s’ first single entitled ‘The Flying Pizza Conundrum’ throws down the gauntlet at the feet of flat-earthers.

14 February 2019

Visigoth release new video for ‘Traitors Gate’

Returning from the fields of battle with victory in toe, modern heavy metallers Visigoth come to worship at the alters of metal with ‘Traitors Gate’.

13 February 2019

New project Lokust advertise for a bassist and vocalist

London based metal project L O K U S T advertise for a bassist and vocalist in the best way possible, by releasing a music video of what they could be joining.

12 February 2019

Tim Lambesis issues statement on canceled show

Following the cancelation of As I lay Dying’s scheduled 5th of April show in Memphis, Tim Lambesis issues a public statement in response.

11 February 2019

Non-Metal Monday: Coheed and Cambria interview

In an interview with Kerrang as part of their In Conversation With series vocalist Claudio Sanchez explains what it was like to open for Slipknot.

11 February 2019

Napoleon have announced their end

Following almost nine years of standing together as Napoleon, the Exeter based giants of melodic hardcore regretfully put the band to bed.

10 February 2019

‘Lords of Chaos’ opens in limited theatres ahead of On Demand debut

‘Lords of Chaos’, the upcoming film based on the cult classic book of the same name, makes its big screen debut ahead of On-Demand release.

10 February 2019

Grand Magus announce new album entitled ‘Wolf God’

Heavy metal titans Grand Magus have announced a brand-new album due for release on the 19th of April via Nuclear Blast Records.

09 February 2019

Periphery release ‘Blood Eagle’ ahead of ‘Periphery IV: Hail Stan’

Seasoned Djentlemen Periphery return with a follow up to ‘Periphery III: Select Difficulty’ with a technically ferocious April release.

09 February 2019

Tyr release ‘Sunset Shore’ from the upcoming ‘Hel’

Renowned Faroese folk metallers Tyr return in 2019 with a new single entitled ‘Sunset Shore’ ahead of their March full length ‘Hel’.

08 February 2019

Mashup Spotlight: Saor - 'Guardians'

For this edition of Mashup Spotlight, we will be focusing on the evocative black metal vessel of Scottish national pride known as Saor.

06 February 2019

Corey shares behind the scenes images of mask creation

Following the initial post that sent the community ablaze with questions on his Instagram, Corey returned to the outlet to give fans a unique insight in a masks creation.

05 February 2019

Allegaeon release new single ‘Stellar Tidal Disruption’

In anticipation of their fifth studio album due on the 19th of April 2019, Allegaeon release a new single entitled ‘Stellar Tidal Disruption’ alongside an accompanying music video.

04 February 2019

Mashup Recomendations for the month of February now live

Featuring Swallow The Sun, Altarage and Signs Of The Swarm, this month’s recommendations have a penchant for brutality.

03 February 2019

Ashen Horde unveil new video for ‘Profound Darkness’

Born as a one-man project in 2013 by composer and multi-instrumentalist Trevor Portz, genre bending Ashen Horde release ‘Profound Darkness’.

01 February 2019

Mashup Spotlight: Swallow The Sun – ‘When A Shadow Is Forced Into The Light’

For this edition of Mashup Spotlight we will be focusing on Swallow The Sun’s 2019 studio album.

31 January 2019

Non-Metal Monday: Bring Me The Horizon’s ‘Amo’

Packed with solid tracks that are bound set the keyboards of internet warriors ablaze with fury Oli hopes that 'Amo' can be a conduit to heavier sounds.

28 January 2019

Falluja Announce new album with the release of ‘Ultraviolet’

Confirming the release of their upcoming album entitled ‘Undying Light’ as well as the start of a new era, Fallujah have dropped ‘Ultra Violet’ ahead of new album.

27 January 2019

First Fragment release music video for ‘Paradoxal Subjugation’

Taken from their 2010 EP entitled ‘The Afterthought Ecstasy’, French neo-classical tech-death masters release a new music video for ‘Paradoxal Subjugation’.

26 January 2019

Incite unveil new video ahead of album release this Friday

Taking a stand against America’s growing economic inequality, Incite unveil a new video for ‘Resistance’ ahead of the release of ‘Built to Destroy’.

24 January 2019

Mashup Spotlight: First Fragment - 'Dasein'

For our second album spotlight we bring to you a mini review of French neo-classical tech-death from First Fragment with their 2016 release of ‘Dasein’.

23 January 2019

Non-Metal Monday: Foo Fighters ‘Super Saturday Night’ performance

Announced via a humorous short inspired by the 1974 football film ‘The Longest Yard’ Foo Fighters inform fans of their pre-Super Bowl concert.

21 January 2019

Hacktivist announce the addition of new guitarist

After months of coping without a guitarist following Timfy’s departure, the band have taken to Facebook to announce that they have found their new full time member in James Hewitt.

20 January 2019

Dream Theater invite the fans inside of their recording space

As the release of their fourteenth studio album draws closer, progressive powerhouse Dream theater invite fans inside of their recording space for a unique walkthrough experience.

19 January 2019

Photo-Credit: Alima Produtora Audiovisual

Progressive instrumentalists Vitalism release ‘Ramaten’ visualisation

Directed by Alexandre Lima Fábio Roque and produced by Alima Produtora Audiovisual, progressive instrumentalists Vitalism release new video for ‘Ramaten'.

19 January 2019

Mashup Spotlight: Rivers of Nihil ‘Where Owls Know My Name’

Join us for our first album spotlight where we provide a mini review of 'Where Owls Know My Name' and highlight some of the best aspects of the album.

17 January 2019

Metallica unveil their new beer, ‘Enter Night’

Expanding on their line of alcoholic beverages, Metallica in partnership with Arrogant Consortia announce the release of their 5.7% pilsner with global roll out due in the first quarter of 2019.

15 January 2019

Watch August Burns Red cover ‘The Legend Of Zelda’

Setting their sights on your childhood, August Burn Red have placed the Master Sword back into the pedestal at the Temple of Time to return us to our childhoods with ‘The Legend of Zelda’.

14 January 2019

At The Gates release two EPs and a new video

Released today on century media records, Swedish death metal giants At The Gates further promote there highly acclaimed ‘To Drink From The Night Itself’ through the release of two EPs.

11 January 2019

Photo-Credit: Madyson Brooke

Born of Osiris ready to drop 'The Simulation'

Due for release on the 11th of this month, metal core giants Born of Osiris are ready to drop another round of polyrhythmic technicality in the first of two releases scheduled for 2019.

10 January 2019

Behmoth release a video for ‘Ecclesia Diabolica Catholica’

Marking the start of their European tour, Behemoth release a music video for their new single ‘Ecclesia Diabolica Catholica’ taken from their 2018 release ‘I Loved You At Your Darkest’.

09 January 2019

Mashup Recomendations for the month of January now live

Featuring 1914, Unfathomable Ruination and Panopticon, this month’s recommendations have a heavy black metal focus.

08 January 2019

Photo-Credit: Courtesy of Sundance Film Festival

Black metal film 'Lords of Chaos' to release on the 8th of February

Diving deep into the controversy that surrounds the early days of the genre, ‘Lords of Chaos’ will take us deep into the twisted attempts of a few teenagers to create true ‘Norwegian Black Metal’

05 January 2019

Batushka drop the veil amidst bitter dispute

The people underneath the cloaks are revealed amidst a bitter dispute over the ownership of the band which leaves two functioning bands using the monika 'Batushka'.

02 January 2019

Cradle of Filth announce plans for new album

Capping the year with a summery of the bands achivements, Cradle of Filth have announced their plans for next year which includes plans for a new album.

01 January 2019

Photo-Credit: Mark Valentino

Seth Howard drummer for Yashira dies aged 24

Killed in a head-on collision in the late hours of Saturday the 29th of December, reports indicate that while crossing the center median Seth’s car collided with another carrying two people.

31 December 2018

Northlane ready to record new album

In contrast to the band’s penchant for blindsiding fans, Northlane have decided to keep the fans closer to this release with the announcement that they have finished writing.

30 December 2018

Slipknot release a behind the scenes look at 'All Out Life'

Originally released to the 'Outside of the 9' fan-club, Slipknot have gone some way to lift the lid on the recording process with this minute long documenary.

27 December 2018

Photo-Credit: Jussi Ratilainen

Swallow The Sun release 'Lumina Aurea'

composed the the dark light of greif, Swallow The Sun are back with a desperate and beautiful ode to his lost love.

22 December 2018

A Secret Revealed reveal 'Empty Throne'

Combining the raw ferocity of black metal with hardcore-esque vocal stylings, A Secret Revealed continue to defy the bounds of genre with the release of 'Empty Throne'

20 December 2018

Wolves In The Thorone Room sign a new deal with Century Media Records

On the back of the successful Decibel Tour, Wolves In The Thorne Room have today announced a new distrobution and album deal with Century Media Reocrds.

19 December 2018

Lucas Starr, founding member and bassist for Oh, Sleeper dies aged 34

After changing the lives of many with his time with Oh, Sleeper, Lucas Starr unfortunatley passed in the early hours of the seventh of December.

17 December 2018

Vitriol to re-release 'Pain Will Define Thier Death' in a physical format

Released on the Second of December the physical pressing of the EP will feature a new newbefore heard track entitled 'The Parting Of A Neck'.

17 December 2018

Danish Black Metalers Myrkur drop a haunting new EP - Juniper

Teased back in Novemember with the release of the Juniper, the Juniper EP unveils two new etherial tracks.

7 December 2018

Slipknot: Promise fulfilled?

Back in July of 2018 Corey made a promise, a promise that the new album will be "Iowa Levels Of Heavy". Is this new song fullfilment of that promise?

18 Novemeber 2018

Vikings, Metal and a lifiting of the veil: The Pursuit Of Vikings: 25 Years In The Eye Of The Storm

Released on the 16th of Novemeber, Amon Amarth have gifted us a new documentary and supporting live album.

18 Novemeber 2018

Oli Herbert, guitarist for All that Remains dies aged 44

Following a statement from his widdow Elizabeth last week on social media, police sorces are now trating the death as suspicious.

18 Novemeber 2018

Jinjer-bread anyone?

Storming the scene with nothing but solid performance after solid performances, Jinjer have anounced that 'Micro' a 5 track EP will be released on 11 January 2019.

18 Novemeber 2018

Bell Witch unveil their hunting new visualistion of Mirror Reaper

As if Mirror Reaper didnt convay enough emotion through the audio experience alone, now we have a visual element.

18 Novemeber 2018

"Heavy, Progressive, Melodic, Shredding and Epic"

Entering the studio for the 14th time, Dream Theater are bringing us the follow-up to 2016's The Astonishing.

19 July 2018

'The Sin and Doom Vol. II'

Returning after five years, Death Metal veterans Impending Doom bring the heavy in their latest faith based offering.

19 July 2018

An Open Discussion - The Return Of As I Lay Dying?

Suprising YouTube post saw all five members of As I Lay Dying in the same room for the first time since Tim's release.

19 July 2018

James Harrison (ex OAA vocalist) posted some new instrumenatals

Leaving Oceans Ate Alaska in late 2016 on amicable terms, James Harrison has released some Live A Lie teasers.

19 July 2018

Metal Community Celebrates Vinnie Paul

Artists and fans from across metal and pay tribute to former Pantera drummer Vinnie Paul who passed age 54.

19 July 2018

Slipknot's New Album Will Be "Iowa Levels Of Heavy"

Entering the studio next year with 16 solid demos Corey told Kerrang that he cant wait to "get this fucker going".

19 July 2018