Theorbo Metal

As part of his ‘Metal on Not Metal Instruments’ series on YouTube, instrumentalist Rob Scallon brings you some 17th century Djent. Taking an instrument that sits outside of the common knowledge of most individuals, Rob applies his talent for metal to the 14-course theorbo.

The Most Used Deathcore Stereotypes

With some clearly identifiable love for the genre, this video sees Nik Nocturnal team up with Andrew Baena to take a loving stab at some of deathcore’s most effective and recognisable tropes. Pinned to the video is an important announcement in which Nik wants all to know that ‘No pigs were harmed in the making of this video’.

The Omnific's Melodic Bass

What’s that? Bass is not a melodic instrument I hear you say? Well if that’s the case, then you are clearly not aware of The Omnific. Comprised of Matt Flack and Toby Peterson-Steward on bass and Jerome Lematua on drums, The Omnific fly in the face of those that only see bass as a background instrument.

'The Legend Of Zelda'

Setting their sights on your childhood, August Burn Red have placed the Master Sword back into the pedestal at the Temple of Time to return us to our childhoods with ‘The Legend of Zelda’. Coming complete with a cosplay inspired music video, the band’s well executed Hyrule cover explores the overworld theme as well as recognisable motifs from the wider game.

Acoustic Black Metal

With black metal's harsh production and overwhelming ferocity, it can sometimes be hard to pick out the intricacies of the black metal melody. In answer to this, YouTuber Simon Smith, on his channel of the same name has created a series whereby he challenges the genre by removing the distortion to lay the melodies bare.

Heafy covers 'Pisces'

Obsessing over metal and its creators is literally our job. And for us at Metal Mashup, Matt Heafy was the beginning. Kickstarting a lifetime obsession, Trivium was the band that started us down this path. So of course, we are all over Heafy’s twitch account and his KiichiKaraoke series which sees Matt learn and perform a song within 60 minutes.

Drum Teacher Reacts

Whilst no one at Metal Mashup is a drummer, there is nothing we love more than watching someone who is. And in this video, ex- Belphegor drummer Marthyn Jovanovic comments on the drum technique of Fleshgod Apocalypse’s Francesco Paoli and offers an interactive way to engage and learn from the performances of the greats.

Vitriol Guitar Playthrough

Vitriol is a band that first caught my attention through their unrelenting sound, yet in researching the band I found this absolute gem of a video. In coming for the music I stayed for the guitar faces. I absolutely love the passion behind the playing and I really feel that its something the whole community should see.

The Insane Archspire Vocal Effect

With the wealth of home recording options available, the quality of home recordings has grown exponentially. And in this video posted by URM Academy, producer and studio engineer Dave Otero offers some advice via walking the viewer through the process of creating the now infamous shot-gun vocal effect from ‘Calamus Will Animate’.

Additional Articles

Mashup Spotlight: Obliteration – Cenotaph Obscure

For this edition of Mashup Spotlight we will be throwing our gaze (and ears) upon Obliteration’s ‘Cenotaph Obscure’.

02 March 2019

After The Burial return with ‘Behold The Crown’

Bringing the breakdowns with more sequels than a slaughter house, progressive metallers After The Burial return with a new single.

28 February 2019

Enterprise Earth release ‘Sleep Is For The Dead’

Techy death metallers Enterprise Earth release a new single ahead of the third full length studio album entitled ‘Luciferous’.

27 February 2019

Warforged release ‘We’ve Been Here Before’

Progressive tech wizards Warforged unveil a new single ahead of their upcoming full length entitled ‘I: Voice’.

27 February 2019

Wormwitch unveil ‘Disciple of the Serpent Star’

Blackened crust metallers Wormwitch release a new single ahead of their second studio album entitled ‘Heaven That Dwells Within’.

26 February 2019

Non-Metal Monday: Simple Creatures announce debut EP

Pop-punk super group Simple Creatures have announced details of their new EP entitled ‘Strange Love’ alongside the title track.

25 February 2019