Contagion - 2010

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Incisions - 2013

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Ascendants - 2015

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Revelation - 2017

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Contagion - 2010

-Precursor To Enslavement-

Replacing God,
human hands conceive and contort a vile creation.
A fatal form is about to be born,
A curse that's birthed with a purpose.
Fear is an infallible
distraction when populations confirm.
Propaganda blinds them all while before their eyes,
the blueprint to a deceptive design unfolds.

An infectious catalyst has been utilized
and deployed, to initiate and spread
the installment of new order.
The encroaching wave invades your home.
Silence with no trace of its presence,
This was created to destroy.

Silent, with no trace of
its presence and created to destroy.

This is pain,
This is real bloodshed,
And you're surrounded by suffering.
No precaution can spare you from infection,
This was created to destroy.

This is pain,
This is real bloodshed,
And you're surrounded by suffering.

Sharing in these repulsive transformations,
your family watches in horror
as the symptoms take hold.
Vomit spews and internal acids burn your throat.
Blood flows from every orifice,
your body's virulently overtaken.

Conditions worsen as skin
cracks and begins to peel.
The fissures spread exposing flesh.
Skin cracks and begins to peel,
The fissures spread exposing flesh.

You are the first to fall victim
to instant contagiousness,
Skin cracks and begins to peel.
You are the first of many to suffer from this epidemic,
The precursor to enslavement

-Viral Re-animation-

[feat. Alexandre Erian and Steve Marois of "Despised Icon"]

The streets are overflown with
the presence of stagnant corpses,
The first victims of infection.
Their stricken bodies omit
a formidable stench
of dermal decomposition.

The vile scent of death has crept unto your doorstep,
Intruded your sensory glands,
stimulating a thirst
for further investigation.
An urge you should never have acted upon.

Oblivious to the perils you've entered.
Presumed to be dead,
the infected are resurrected.
Like a swarm they approach with malicious
intent and amongst them all you're surrounded.

The starving horde overtakes you,
Teeth and nails desperately serrate through delicate flesh.
Their abuse rips open fresh wounds,
exposing your blood to their hazardous pathogens.

You're now one with the infected,
Soon to be revitalized by an unholy resurrection.

Let it spread.
With each person infected,
the contagion grows stronger.

Virally re-animated,
through a continuous cycle,
you have risen as a vessel of
contaminants by which the
contagion shall spread.

-Regulated Disposal Of Life-

Increasingly civilians contract
the infection at an alarming rate,
flooding nearest cities in a rampage
to satisfy their now instinctive thirst,
depopulating the human race.

A manhunt is upon us by a selective
few appointed under governmental regulation,
To track and exterminate the infected
in an effort to resolve
their disastrous situation.

Possessing endless amounts of weaponry,
authorities unleash their
personal army of hired mercenaries,
Paid to wage war against an ongoing adversary.

Upon first sight of the infected,
they fall victimized to gunfire.
In an emotionless disposal of life,
this has become another
inhumane display of execution.

Remnants of exploded skulls
and floating grey matter,
hundreds of bullet-filled bodies litter the streets.
The pavement's soaked
red as a result of bloodshed,
Another town's left in
uin by the war against infection.


You awake to the putrid stench
of decomposing flesh,
Welcome to oblivion.
Do not pray, for salvation won't come,
Your savior does not dwell in this place.

So turn your back on your faith,
It only further holds you captive.
You are the bastard dying children of this race,
Turn your back on all faith.

A desensitized state of consciousness
disables every attempt to recall your origin.
The sight and pungence of scorched
human remnants foreshadow
the purpose of containment.

Showing symptoms of the afflicted ones,
you're forcibly secluded
from the general populous.
Restrained, sedated,
and internally tested.
Archaic instruments have penetrated flesh.

Painfully extracting blood
in search of virulent,
crimson spray stains the walls.
Their draining torture
device induces seizure.
Vital signs are weakened,
Sickness flows from every artery,
And there is no hope
of survival for the diseased.

You are the bastard
dying children of this race,
Condemned and left in quarantine.

There is no hope for survival,
Sickness flows from every artery.

Embrace oblivion,
You are the bastard dying
children of this race.

-The Contaminated-

As migraines become overwhelming,
perception is rendered contorted.
Mentally you've grown unstable,
Devoid of human emotion.
Something has burrowed into your psyche,
forcing you to lose touch with your own self.
A transformation is apparent,
You're becoming what was once unimaginable.

Revived so long as life is drained completely.
Alive but deceased.

What remains is a symbiotic
co-existence interdependent
upon the blood and the flesh.

Recognizing the illness which
threatens your body,
you attempt to repress a horrid envisionment;
that of your ill-fate,
and the torment you'll face.

For sustenance of what dwells within,
you are beckoned to satisfy
its internal urge to feed,
Coerced to murder if necessary,
Possessed to consume
decaying organisms that lie beneath.

Instantly vomiting upon devourment.

This appalling display of
demoralization brings forth insight to your disease,
Damned forever to scavenge this land.
Further transforming into
a monster that's alive but deceased,
Revived so long as life is drained completely.
As one of the infected,
accept the fact that you're damned.

-Exist In Confinements-

The apprehensive conditions of our nation
Is now expunged within human nature.
Surrender severely subliminal,
Upon the mercy of apparitions
Whom expressed little incentive deliberation.
In exchange for their beliefs do merely exist.
Below their pedestal of deceit,
Provided a mental solitude for extract from their design.
The outside is truly like a fine minute of this life.
Do you decide to fight in resistance?
Do you dare defy what subsequent exist in confinement?

-Persuasive Oppression-

feat. Nick Arthur of "Molotov Solution"]

Infiltrating defenses and evolving with every strand,
the contagion shall continue to spread.

Stranded in a devastated wasteland
of contaminants, the population
is slowly depleting in distress.
What remains of a helpless
civilization is depleted by an invisible threat.

So government drastically exerts its power,
Through the provision of new
laws and enforcement of home
invasions to search and extract those infected.

Containment camps are erected
for protection under the "Anti-contagion act",
A document that holds no
truth within its pages and
provides no real solutions.

This is a persuasive attempt to further oppress you,

This is corruptive.

Witness a greater vision.
To purify the nation of its ailments,
human rights are compromised,
marshal law is put in effect
to suppress public action
and freedom of speech.
Politics swiftly evolve
into a fascist tyranny.

Witness a greater vision.

Infiltrating defenses and evolving
with every strand,
the contagion shall continue to spread.
This is a greater vision,
a long awaited master plan,
which will begin and end in your oppression.


With retinas exposed towards an empty sky,
the majority relies on religion,
Citing God as a scapegoat for this unrelenting plight.
Such devastation is not divine,
The corruptive hands of our leaders
orchestrated their own nations decline.

Deceivers, transposing fear into
a mechanism to delude their fraud.
Such devastation is not divine,
Don't believe their lies,

Such devastation is not divine,
These are lies.
You have been betrayed,
Overruled by an isolated state of secrecy
that shall stimulate new birth into an age of suffering.

The population has contracted a viral infliction of life,
And now questions arise.
What shall be done with the damned?
So what shall be done with the damned?

This plague was weaponized with no source of antidote,
The only cure is genocide.

This plague was weaponized,
Extermination is the only cure.
So fall to your knees, they have you defeated.
Fall to your knees, they have you defeated.
Fall to your knees and die.

-Sadistic Experiments-

Government has influenced and
orchestrated abduction of civilians
For use as subject in secretive experiments,
Forcibly exposing them to deadly pathogens.

Survival was never the outcome expected.

Survival was never expected.
Tests are conducted to observe
a fatality of their infection,
Created with only harmful intent
of slowly killing its host and
increasing the potential to spread.

You are chosen, the first casualty
to demonstrate its bodily affliction.

Suspended from appendages,
your spinal cord is punctured.
The virulent's injected
in an agonizing procedure.

Monitored at distance,
initial ailments run its course.

Veins protrude and begin to rupture.
Flesh separates, hanging from weakened limbs.
Boils inflate with plasma,
spontaneously bursting through the skin.


This experience continues to worsen as infection fully takes over.

Subjective to their sadistic experiments,
you are transformed into a sight of abomination.

-Remnants Aflame-

Every contagious strand must be wiped away,
Located and declared completely absent.
A national vaccination is underway,
to eliminate the presence of infestation.

The presence of infestation must be eliminated at any price.

Purging a curse which they created to coercively
Transform the populous into slaves,
the final goal is to depopulate,
and a murderous cleansation process begins.

Immersed in filth, single file and blind-folded,
the infected are imprisoned in awaitance of death.
Instantaneous as contamination,
they are viciously slain
by a barrage of ammunition.

Casualties quickly accumulate,
Casualties quickly accumulating.

Each blood-soaked corpse is gutted.
Innards disgorged, scraped barren for experimentation.
Empty and left for a massive stockpile to form,
the rotted corpses are torched.
Bodies carefully cast aflame until
the soil is littered with the
steaming white ash of their remains.

-Ending Intellect-

Were your plans to overthrow?
I'll let you experience struggle.
Ignoring suggestive influence,
your intellect has merely lead you to martyrdom.

Which shall serve as a deterrent
for those who chose to follow.

Corrupting public thought, influencing paranoia,
breeding a new infectious plight based off mental terrorism.
For such defection, find punishment in execution.
(Your execution)
For such defection, find punishment in execution.
Now face the repercussions of these acts.

Tortured, nearly beaten to death, your tongue
is severed from your mouth,
a reminder that there's no freedom of speech anymore.
As your soul bleeds out, your body shall be left to rot,
and the rodents to feed upon your corpse.

Silence is simply that easy.

You have failed to deconstruct a flawless design,
Bow to a real oppressor.
Your voice and mind are the true contagion,
So you must be exterminated.

Incisions - 2013

-Eternal Wasteland-

I'll raise a toast at the end of this world,
When God doesn't love you anymore.
An aborted birth at the hands of the father.
A fist full of insignificance
Intended to be spit out,
Or flushed down.
I'll savor the end,
Savor the end of you all.

Humored at the thought of lives lost,
Renouncing existence you're surely better off.
Since conception humans quickly earned the crown
As bastards sons, the unwanted crown.
At the end I will stand alone upon hallowed ground.
Bodies beneath my feet,
Watching earth transform,

Into eternal wasteland.
A massive unmarked grave of decomposing corpses,
The aroma of death,
Spread across the globe.

Blackened skies blind the few whom survive,
Covering the flaming landscape!
Depletion of human existence,
We now share one common goal;

I want you dead,
Dead in this wasteland,
I await the final breath of man.
I want you dying where you stand.
The soil becomes your eternal home
Once the world transforms to a wasteland.
To a wasteland!

-Slow Murder-

I've got nothing
But this collection of knives
And decisions to make
I'll take my time mapping out every incision made

I have nothing
So I'll take my time

Breaking bones
Savoring your screams for mercy
Bathing in warm tubs of crimson
Welcome to the start of our intimate torture session

Why am I the only one who sees through the lifetime of lies?
Now each cut will signify the way
You forced me to suffer every day

As I hold your life in my hands
As I hold your life in my hands
As I hold your life in my hands
Now understand
I'm capable of murder
I'm capable of murder
I'm capable of murder

I've got nothing but time
And this collection of knives
To ensure you endure endless amounts of torture
Slow murder
To rectify the past
I lust for your blood on my hands

Now kneel before me
Embrace the blade as it penetrates deep

Skin splitting insegments
My mouth watering as it rips
The gurgling heard as you're choking on
blood is almost satisfaction enough

I'm further aroused at the sight of your naked mangled corpse
Spread wide open as if your innards to be fucked

As I hold your life in my hands
As I hold your life in my hands
As I hold your life in my hands

Now understand
I'm capable of murder
I'm capable of murder
I'm capable of murder

I've got nothing
So I'll take my time
Ah, nothing

I'll take my time with each incision
So you can feel the pain

I'll take my time with each incision
I'll take my time with each incision
Feel my pain

-Slave Of Corporotocracy-

You're a slave!
Gaze in the mirror, take a look at yourself.
Eyes glazed over, a lesser man.
More like a walking corpse.

Mindless and dilapidated,
Executing a mentally embedded repetition of motions.
Every waking day another moment enslaved.
Conditioned to be numb and complacent.

Vital signs are deceiving,
Every breath you take
Is not yours to keep.

The light shining at the end of the tunnel,
Advertently deceiving.
Since birth we were cursed
With the mark of the beast,
A symbolic surrender of life
And its meaning.

Since birth we were cursed
With the mark of the beast.
Vital signs are deceiving.
Every breath you take
Is not yours to keep,
The American Dream is a fallacy!
You're already dead
In compliance with normalcy.

Our captors wage war
With worthless paper
To devalue our lives;
Relinquishing mind,
Body and soul.
Servants to the machine!
A slave of corporatocracy!

Once you exit this world,
You won't be remembered,
Unless humanity transcends
This monetary monarchy.
Open your eyes,

Get off your knees.
Slave of corporatocracy.

Open your eyes,
Get off your knees.

-Internal War-

I never contemplated from adolescence to a man
Why I'm so quiet, with little friends,
Could the reason be I'm whispering to spirits?
Apparitions inside my head.
I tried fighting off the demons
Until the showed me what I needed,
Conjuring emotions and violent solutions.

I let them burrow deeper and possess a part of me.
Now I am one with the damned!
They're fucking tempting me!
The tension keeps rising!

Tell me it's alright to make wreckless decisions,
Assert my vengeance!
I want to force them to feel what it's like to be
Still covered in the scars of past oppressors.
Fortunately, I healed faster indulging in grief.
Still, I'll never forgive what was done to me!
My escape is empty highways.
A simple pen serves well as my weapon,
After being held captive,
slightly considering death,
Once one thing I loved was robbed from me.

Slicing a knife through the wrist
Was the first and final attempt.
Leaving behind the mental abuse and emotional stress,
I'm harmed, buf finally free.
When I think about it I don't need help.

I just inflicted scars to watch myself bleed.
Maybe to realize how damaged I am internally.
No longer suppressing memories,
The past had to be released!
I'm not miserable now.
Still you couldn't handle what transpires within my dreams.
Incessant rambling, Horrific crime scenes.
If there was a god, he's punishing me.
For years of defiance and blasphemy.
Where was my calm before or after the storm?
Even when I reach R.E.M. my mind is still at war.

-Self Exploited Whore-

Your purpose is to intake every load.
Tarnish your name, admit you're filthy.
A disgrace upon your own self,
A simple but useful whore.
For in the world everyone plays a role.

Dripping in anticipation to ingest ejaculates.
All willing penetrate your tender orifice
Leaving you numb and gaping,
Awaiting the next to fornicate flesh.

Filling every hole,
You fit this role so well.
Unshamed, you've finally earned your worth.
Why do you yearn for respect?
Dripping in anticipation to ingest ejaculates.
You ignore all morals to be seen and fucked at will.

You're filthy!
You're merely a wounded lamb amongst starven wolves.
Forever cursed with the burden of escaping their hold.
Simple, useful whore,
You fit this role so well.
Exploit yourself and sell your soul to me.

-New Age Apophis-

You have no choice but to fear me.
A demi-god amongst young mortal souls.
Betrayed, slain, recycled
Through the depths of hell,
Resurrected from traitors blood,
I am born of sin.

Origins pre-dating old testaments.
Bringing forth onslaught and darkness,
Bear witness as I drain this world!
Witness rebirth of animalistic urge.
Driven by disgust
And this lust for degradation,
I remain in unrest

Till Deconstruction is attained.
Oppose and endure my wrath!
All whom oppose shall be disgorged, hung, and bled Out

Upon your own trusted cross,
Carcass abandoned to rot
Beneath the sun and before your God.
I'm not benevolent.
I'm not the beast within your revelation.
I am the first wave of your devastation!
I shall feast upon the brave!
Like insects, crawl and beg.
Beg for release.

Accept the inherent evil.
I'm slaughtering every saint sent to destroy me,
For all eyes to see you can resist no more.
Simply bow at my feet,
I am the new age apophis!
I am the new age apophis!

-Embrace Nothingness-

Ridges inbed in skin,
Would you miss me if I were dead?
Hurt mutually if I bled?
Reminisce of times shared,
Would my memorial be remissable upon decay?
I'm forgettable anyway...

I'm not a prophet nor a poet,
Struggled but lived life to its fullest,
In hopes that someday someone might notice,
I'm not afraid to live and don't fear death!

I'm not scared of being alone.
Long since grown numb to the world.
My only fear's not being remembered.
Or mourned for beyond the grave.
Because I'm already fading away.
Falling further into nothingness's embrace.

There is nothing beyond the grave,
The afterlife's not what they say,
Stone walls of black and grey.

Embrace nothingness.



Plagued with morbid visions
of pain to inflict upon you,
I'm resurrected to hate.
Holding true to the nature of a killer,
Tasting weakness, exposing blood,
digging deeper into your neck.

Exposing blood and digging deeper!
Manifested in me,
Forcing veins to cold,
Embracing malicious thoughts,
Contemplated murdering her,
Your hate's manifested in me!
Empoweing the advantage of lacking sympathy,
Shown through further exposing my wounds.

Let's start carving incisions where it counts.
First, you must be strangled, trampled upon,
Fuck compassion I'm coming straight for your throat!
Filled with morbid visions of pain to inflict upon you,
I'm resurrected to hate!
Spewing wasted words,
Will they remain so plentiful once life flows away?

I've lost sense of humanity
Now there can only be violence, violence, violence!

Manifested in me.
Your hate's manifested in me.

-Blasphemous Mask-

Bearing 666, you entice the serpent.
So where lies your devotion?
What's your purpose?
You have no business bearing 666.

Witness unprivileged mortals
Incapable of true Evils.
Demons know your face
And know your faith is trivial.
Endure tribulation!

Impure within your blasphemy,
Residing behind a mask of novelty.
The demons sense weakness behind your eyes.
Do you possess blackness in your hearts?
Denouncers of God and the heavens,
Bearing inverted crosses and the number of satan.
How deep do your symbolic convictions run?

Are you willing to sacrifice to revel in sin?
To sustain this image, blood must stain your skin.
Through dark ritual you must kill.
Prove your worth in embrace of the Anti-Christ,
One with his minions, they beckon you to kill!

Bearing 666, you must kill!
Surely none shall stand in acceptance,
Just as soon none shall bow.
Bearing 666, Imposers!
You are revoked of your blasphemous mask!

-Severed Appendages-

You don't know where you are,
Taken to some place sacred,
Bound by the neck, near strangulation,
A dark undisclosed location.
Before you lie instruments of destruction,

A repertoire of punishment.
Smothered in entrails of past infliction
Each tool accustomed to mutilating flesh.
Deep breaths with lungs punctured
Leave you in a panic for air.
Jaw dislocated, it's painful to speak.

Your body frail and weakening.
Barely standing,
A result of repeated battery at my hands!
I am the artist of this morbid masterpiece.
These tools of beautry and you as my canvas,
You are my canvas!
The masochistic acts soon executed, however cruel,
Are intricate, the blood splatter that of artistry.

Prepair yourself.
Embrace only agony.
Take one look at me
Anticipate your suffering!
Keep your eyes on me.
First the frame is deconstructed,
Blunt force snaps through bone,
Each limb dislocated
And left dangling limp,
You've collapsed upon your own leges.

The suffering has not reached its peak,
It only intensifies as
I commence severing appendages.
The suffering has not reached its peak!

Removing every limb,
Slowly succumb to death.
My face sprayed in crimson mist
From exposed arteries.
Before you fade away
Witness the walls change from white to red.
The final liters of life
Pulse through your veins.
You've been abandoned,
Left to bleed out.
Now die alone!



-The Reclaimation-

We are the uprising,
Revivers of a dying scene.
We are the uprising of a dying scene.

The architects to rebuild
What once was standing,
We must purge the filth of our generation.
Infiltrate, reclaim and rebuild!
Reigning holocaust upon antagonists
And the elite immersed
In dissatisfaction and negativity.

Failing to surrender you won't succeed.
Your weaponized words are not so threatening.
Attacking from safe distance,
Only cowards throw shit and run.
We retaliate stronger!
We retaliate stronger,
Face to face stabbing straight to the front!

Predictable the routine has become,
Why are you trying to act tough?
Reveal your face from the flickering screen,
You're the next target.
No more arguments,
Let's cut straight to the chase,
We're calling you out to slit your throat!

A beheading of hypocrisy,
Choke on every final word you speak.
We are eternal
And your're the last of a dying breed.
We are eternal.

Ascendants - 2015


Descendant of the stars,
a spawn of hybrid conception.
I am alive!

-Transient Gateways-

Behold luminescent spirals overhead,
the hidden element of travel unveiled.
A mythos of science few can comprehend nor possess.
Connectivity of every outer realm.
The axis where timelines intersect.
A transient gateway manipulating time and space.

To harness its powers, one must ascend.
Transported through the cosmos,

projected to the furthest distance,
crossing dimensions, who would you save?
Transported through the cosmos.
Crossing dimensions, who would you save?
Would you even care to help?
Or throw such a gift away,
to withhold for selfish embellishments?

Who would you save?
Would you remain light years away
f you could warn an alien
race of a shortened existence?
Burdened or does benevolence beckon?
Watch them die or open the portals.
Open the portals!

-The World Engine-

Our mother earth is in peril.
Our mother earth, they’ve come to rape her 'til it bleeds.
Our dead planet's resources are useless.
Descending with malicious purpose,
beating all species into submission
to drive this planet to its knees. To wipe the
slate clean, demolish and redevelop the
biosphere in the image of their own.
Cower! Cower before their death machine!

An imposing display of power,
destructive forms of technology,
plowing a path of debris and lifelessness.
Tremors resonate through the earth. Every
person, every home, trampled in its wrath.
Terraformed and changed forever!
The world is terrified!
This is no longer your home,
but a host to forces unimaginable.

--Dead Planet

Malevolent are the architects
who have changed their
ways. Glaring down on us, overwhelmed with disgust.
hey now
anticipate the end.
Human DNA deemed a tainted creation. We were
forewarned, signs were ignored.

Now we must submit to extermination.
A predestined termination,
a chance to redesign their failing offspring.
You were forewarned,
and now you msut meet your end.
Aborted, so then
we can begin again.

hanneling power, drained from within the Earth to
construct superior specimen.

But before the end, you're forced to
watch this world burn
and transform into a dead planet.
Watch this
world burn and transform into a dead planet.

This is a dead planet, a
it's fucking worthless.

-The Taken-

Awakened, blinded by lights,
an untraceable vessel illuminates the night.
Mesmerized as it levitates.
An unworldly presence invades
the mindscape to communicate.

Entranced, your body slips into psychic restraints.
Now you elevate to relive relapsed
recollections of an abductee.
Dissecting flesh,
no scars of entry left.

Relive relapsed recollections of an abductee.
Dissecting flesh, no scars of entry left.
From your insides, you are tracked,
there's nowhere to hide!
A foreign device resides embedded.

Or is it all in
your head? This is your life,
a slave to experiments.
This is your life and now your captors beckon,
tracing locations.
It is time to elevate again!

You are one of the taken!
A mutilated possession.
Internally violated, mentally numbed.
This encounter won't return you.
The true Gods have new purpose for you.

-Dawn Of Descent-

This is not the second coming of lore,
don’t pray revoke,
dismiss your dissipating God and cherish
one last night until humanity’s lost.
War! The streets are dying for war.
Cherish one last night until humanity’s
lost forever.

Violence, an insatiable
threat in the wake of imposing events.
Shattered faith manifests,
the truth has led to social unrest.
We are the cause of their presence,
now bear witness.
Every mind is inundated,
every eye captive as monolithic transports draw closer,

transmitting telepathic
information. Human origin and creation
are finally exposed.
Dispelling organized religion as a fraud,
society loses direction once it’s lost its hold.

Witness the blood of riots flood the streets,
triggered by desperation disbelief.
The pile of bodies increase, the
backfire of a collapsed monarchy.
All that they've taught you is a lie.

A lie.
Cherish one last night until humanity’s lost.
War, the streets are dying for war.
Cherish one last night until humanity’s lost,
the streets are dying for war!
Panic, disbelief, and
the streets are filled
with war and stained red with death.

-The Dulce Incident-

The penetration of barren
land through rock and soil.
An objective must be fulfilled.
Construction under the surface with
an undisclosed purpose. Digging down,
igging down as signs of pressure build.

The threshold weakens and begins to fail.
A nauseating stench omits from the bowels
of the earth as gaseous fumes erupt!
Beneath the structure implodes,
an ancient underworld exposed,
but something dwells at these depths.

Sensing a presence inside the dismal confines,
beyond the darkness and dust.
Elusive figures
arise revealing the face of humanoid life forms
. A kind colonized and hidden below.
A massive horde, they approach.

Shots fire in panic! A massacre ensues.
Unfazed by gunfire a sacred power is exhumed,
every target subjected to
amputations and gaping burn wounds.
Casualties outweigh the rescued,
a conflict buried with time
and each body in its tomb.

-Arc Of Creation-

Taken and lead,
entering strange corridors.
Housing a mixture of unfamiliar
lifeforms and native creatures of Earth.

Segregated and on display, sedated for transport.
A course is left unknown,
the hope of return at its furthest distance.
Impulsed to
explore the spacious constraints.
Oblivious to their constant surveillance,
accessing rooms of voluminous proportions.
Within these walls hold a brilliant display.

The regeneration of extinct life.
Worldly limits sustained,
holding every known species
captive. You are enslaved!

Within astonishing scale of confinement,
your final purpose is revealed.
Preserved and displayed,
imprisoned light years away on their home planet!

-External Existence-

The external remains in stasis.
Sedative, a constant cycle.
Delving deeper through landscapes,
once thought to be reveries.
A body at rest, as lines intersect.
Traversing exterior realities,
beyond sight and out of reach.

Re-occurring states of
subconscious being forcibly released.
Subconscious abilities are now unleashed!
Brainwaves shift,
elevate to a higher dimension.
Reality transcends illusion.

As this body decays,
I am sustained,
immortal within the flesh.
An entity without an ending,
only exit from this
celestial plane.
As this body decays,
I'm sustained as an entity without an ending,
only exit from this plane!
Just know there is something beyond the grave,
in R.E.M I'm more alive than awake.

A heightened sense of existence,
submerge in the infinite!

Brainwaves shift,
elevate to a higher dimension.
Reality transcends illusion.
Submerge inside the infinite,
death is not the end!

Revelation - 2017

-Dark Prophecy-

Adhere to a new prophecy
Fear this dying earth
The bleeding out of humanity
Too long have you let your faith damn you to burn
While the world crumbles deep under
And your faces still drown in the scriptures
How long till you look past the sky?

How long till you deny?
How long till you live more than sacrifice?
It can't begin until the sleeper awakens
Denounce the falsehoods of salvation
An unforgivable sin, no matter how you repent
It's your fault your home planet is fucked
It's your fault earth is fucked

It's your fault
And as they look down
Our ascendants in disgrace
Something becomes clearer now
Earth is diseased and humans are the plague

-Lucid Reality-

ucid dream states remotely view
A new landscape upon the horizon
Upon the horizon
As the vessel rests
Let your spirit escape towards the stars
As the vessel rests
Let your spirit escape
Project past the stars
Departing from the body to hold no true form
The conscious mind is one converged with the soul
Departing from the body to hold no true form

The conscious mind is one converged with the soul
To exit this world
Escape this world
Telepathy guides you
As you slip through the dream realm
You will be taken
To a new home and astral plane
You will be taken
To a new home and astral plane
You will be taken
By the ascendants
The ancients guide a path to your salvation
The ancients guide a path towards your ascension
Separate and ascend
Before this all meets an end
Separate and ascend

-Path to Extinction-

A council of ascendants has been beckoned
To overwatch this planet in distress
Conflicted between the choice to turn their backs
On you all, or intervene
But at what cost?
At what cost is affirmation of their convictions?
You must struggle to learn

You must struggle to learn
How to emphasize for all species
How to access conscious connectivity
Where the fuck is your compassion?
You must struggle to learn
You must struggle to learn

Preservation holds the key
Evolve into a greater human being
Time is wearing thin
Denial or enlightenment
This is the dawning of their descent
Oh' world!
No problem can go ignored

Accept your role
Emphasize for all species
Accept conscious connectivity
Find your compassion
Or prepare to burn
Are you prepared to burn?

You lack all compassion
You have no concern
With your own planet
Are you prepared to burn?

Are you prepared to burn
On your path to extinction?
Are you prepared to burn?

-The Great Tribulation-

Accelerated and elevated.
Spared from imminent destruction.
Crossing through the umbra of a deceased planet.
Passing of many suns, towards the
nearest location where the portals open.
A celestial bridge of transport grants preservation.

A new era encroaches.
Still there's much to accomplish.
Dropped in a strange unknown.
Nothing but hope is promised.
The challenge,
To unlearn what they once knew,
To not repeat the past with the same outcome.
Soon the tribulations of few

shall return to haunt the many.
Inherent lust for chaos and depravity
Returning is the lust for chaos and depravity.

The tribulations of few return to haunt the many.
Those chosen by the ascendants,
They have lost their way.
Relapsing back to deconstruction.
Rebuilding constraints which kept
their minds in suppression.
Segregation between the species turns aggressive.
Man develops currency.
Implementing law enforcement,
outbreaks of violence escalate.

Those chosen by the ascendants
they have lost their way.

What will become of their colony?

Humanity has lost its way.

-Illusions Unravel-

Locked in a stasis of distraction
Taking advantage
Of your brain dead habits!
Your masters want to keep you in the dark
In fear of facing questions
Oblivious to overhead
Still you're kept blinded
Expand your sights, gaze above

Watch the illusions unravel
Contours of strange craft are exposed
What is their purpose?
Expand your sights, gaze above
Watch the illusions unravel
Cloaked within the cloud formations
To remain evasive unnoticed

The planet has long been occupied by a distant presence
Still you're kept blinded
Your masters keep you in the dark
Reflective technology manipulates light
Invisible and out of sight
For continued observation of their flawed creation
True gods invested in your progress
Your masters keep you in the dark

-Majestic 12-

No disclosure in sight
Mankind's bound tight under an endless oppression
Sanctions to weaponize a deep web of misinformation
Misguided remain the masses
Deeper research brings forth misdirection
Your knowledge restricted
They hold the truth

And hide it right in front of you
False documents and hoaxes continue
Misguided the masses remain
Their esoteric agenda goes unnoticed
The black curtain must be lifted

Come together and demand disclosure
The black curtain must be lifted

-Final Form-


-The Event-

Explosions and screams resonate
in the distance
Notice the thousands lifeless at your feet
Overwhelmed with fear
Struggling for breath

And a recollection of why you're still here
Everyone has left
Everyone has left you here
You were condemned to die here
Endure the event
Condemned, discarded, left to decay
Intake your final breaths
And recollect of why you were abandoned here

Above a sky so bleak the sun intensely burns
Scorching through the lands
Until no sign of life is visible
The environment has transformed into an abysm
The terrain begins to quake as billows of smog erupt
It all unfolds
Earth is engulfed and exists no longer
All life disposed

-Human Harvest-

Eclipsed world
We all observe
Drained of life to its core
It sustains no longer

The ancient ones have returned to implicate a culling
A search for those to resurrect
As they succumb to slumber
They approach silent and untraced
A metaphysical transference through the brainwaves
The human harvest has commenced

Only an eligible few will be guided to evade the event
The human harvest has commenced
What has been learned?
What has been sacrificed since implications of the end?
Those who've done nothing
Cleansed from existence

Vanquished -imprisoned
Left to be swallowed by the void
Bodies will scatter
A floating graveyard
Witness the littered remains as reminder
Of the planet you ignored
The planet you ignored
Through space and time
Through the dawn of an era
Through space and time
From a distant planet
All observe earth implode


Wondering where I am now
It's useless
Slower are the seconds
Darkness envelops a cold empty view
An X-point approaches
Granting access to the deepest of black holes
Back to where I call home
Matter breaks from its form

My body is no longer whole
Finding peace within everything that I endure
Consciousness found
Amplified are the senses now
Fully merged with the beyond
Consciousness found

Fragmented mental shards
Transported to alternate dimensions
All timelines lead back to you
Infinite timelines lead back to you
Was my purpose to fall off course and
Forewarn the earth of these revelations viewed?
Here I am now To forewarn your world of revelations viewed

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